Pickering's Textual Criticism
The Identity of the New Testament Text IV, Dr. Wilbur N Pickering

         A. Title - Table of Contents
        1. Introduction
        2. Eclecticism
        3. The Westcott-Hort Critical Theory
        4. An Evaluation of the W-H Theory
        5. The History of the Text
        6. Some Possible Objections
        7. Identifying the Original Wording of the Text

A. The Objective Authority of the Sacred Text
B. Family 35 Profile for the Whole New Testament
C. The Implications of Statistical Probability for the History of the Text
D. Conflation or Confusion?
E. Mark 16:9-20 and the Doctrine of Inspiration
F.  What Difference Does It Make?

G. 7Q5
H. How Often Did Jesus Say Peter Would Deny Him?
I.  Is NT Textual Criticism a Science?
J. References